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Ephraim Atta-Duncan

Inspired by Hashnode✨

Inspired by Hashnode✨

The Best Blogging Community for Developers.

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Ephraim Atta-Duncan
·Aug 28, 2022·

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Hey there! 👋🏻

So I'm writing because of the impact Hashnode has had on me as a person and a developer.

Hashnode, as a startup, has inspired me the most and reading the whole piece will tell you why. Let's first go through the fundamentals. Like Medium and the others, Hashnode is a blogging community for developers and engineers, but it is better. Hashnode, which is free, has a ton of features, and, to top it all off, has a wonderful community, is your best option if you want to build a blog online.

"Home for tech writers and readers" - hashnode.com

Since you are here, I won't list the many distinguishing features that make Hashnode unique because you probably already know about them all. Instead, let's go right to the point.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 at 20.12.09.png

Why Hashnode?

I had previously heard of Hashnode as Devblog, but it wasn't until July 2020 that I formally joined the platform as I was wanting to switch from my prior blogging platform. The features were the best, and the community was excellent. You ought to blog occasionally as a developer. Your writing and communication skills will also get better. Blogging can give you a lot of chances to meet new people and evaluate your working style, and Hashnode provides the ideal platform for this. The reasons Hashnode has really influenced me include the following.

  • Community First

Hashnode is a startup that puts the needs of its users first and was created by and for developers. The organization has succeeded in achieving its goal of creating a blogging platform for developers to connect and communicate with one another. They have engaged in numerous activities in the past that have aided in the development of the community, and everything about these initiatives demonstrates how genuinely concerned they are with their users and the community. The team there is incredibly engaged and open because they use the platform so much. The Women In Tech Series, AMAs, Meetups, Bootcamps, Hackathons, Tech Awards, Grants and Giveaways, are among the few the team has done to engage the community. The behind-the-scenes Discord is a whole level on it's own. The "community first" philosophy increases new authors' exposure within the community, encouraging an increasing number of developers to write.

  • Remote OK 🏝

It's 2022. Every startup should have some sort of policy allowing workers to work remotely. Typically, employees who work remotely do so from their homes, private offices, or other preferred locations. Since I've known it, Hashnode has established a work-from-home routine that allows a variety of employees from various countries and backgrounds to participate. From India, United States, Greece to Nigeria. The company promotes diversity, which in turn inspires the community to do the same making Hashnode the idea platform for developers.

  • A Product Developers Want

"Make something people want" - Paul Graham

Developers demand Hashnode, and the team gave us the product we needed at the right moment. The freedom to personalize and host your blog on your own domain, along with the flexibility of writing in Markdown, really highlight what a fantastic product it is. Not to mention the blog backups and the numerous free features offered to developers. Simply put, Hashnode is the greatest, and it's taking over the market. Developers wanted it, so we got it.

  • Implementing New Features

Every time I opened Hashnode, there used to be an announcement of a new feature. Every month, feature announcements and hackathons rained down on the platform. The sheer number of new features demonstrated how hard the team worked around-the-clock to provide the community with excellent service, and the community enthusiastically embraced these features. The addition of the Audio Blog and Github Backups was excellent. One of my all-time favorites is Hashnode Sponsors.


The Hashnode Team has demonstrated enthusiasm, understanding, and interest in the market they are currently operating in as a startup. They have taken the community's need as their own and are working hard to give the community the best product they can.

Your content is yours when you use Hashnode. You can easily migrate because you publish on your own domain and have access to all of your posts; however, I don't recommend that you do so.

Startup implies growth, which Hashnode has amply demonstrated.

Start blogging on Hashnode right away, and let's build a community together. We are grateful to Hashnode for their amazing service.

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