Hacknode, React Native + Hashnode API App

Hacknode, React Native + Hashnode API App

I started learning React Native at the beginning of this month and in one of my studies, I saw the advertisement for the #christmashackathon so I decided to build an app for the hackathon to help me practice React Native more and using React Native with a GraphQL API.

The app is build using React Native and uses the Hashnode GraphQl API.


  • The Best, Featured and Recent posts on Hashnode.
  • You can preview a blog post in the app (there are some limitations)
  • You can share a blog post outside of the app

Watch Demo Here

There are some limitations to the app. You cannot render HTML in Markdown and also, hashnode widgets and embeded code also does not work.

How to use the app

You can get the github repo here

For Android Users

You can get the executable (APK) on Android at the Github Release page

For iOS Users,

Sorry, I don't have a mac to build, but you can clone the repo and create a production build for yourself.

Thanks to Hashnode for organizing this Hackathon. Thanks to Piyush Sinha for his custom hashnode logo for his chrome extension.